How Much Money, Time & Efforts Building Freelance Writers’ Marketplace Will Take?

Has the idea of building a marketplace for freelance writers crossed your mind recently? If yes, then it’s time to learn more about money & efforts involved in building such a successful academic writing website. Before you figure out what it takes to create such a website EssayShark, learn one thing that the success of a clone purely depends on how well you apprehend the exclusive features of the master website.


Further lays the job of enhancing the performance of your website. To attain this, you will have to add some unique and exclusive features too. For this, you can find out which unique features of competitors are worth adding to your portal.

Now, before we get down knowing how much building an academic writing marketplace will cost you, it is important to know how much work is required in the process. Building an essay writing website from the scratch will, of course, require a lot of hard work. You will pretty much have to go through the same amount of time, planning, efforts and investment that first generation of essay writing website went through. Here is a rough list of tasks you will be dealing with:

  • Studying the entire EssayShark website and other essay writing websites
  • Preparing the feature list for your academic & online writing platform
  • Searching a good and reliable website designing & development firm
  • Working with your web development partner for months to get it finally developed

This list of tasks is just a preview of what all it may take building an essay writing website EssaySharke in terms of time and efforts. If you ask about the cost, then it may cause you spend several tens of thousands for sure. But don’t worry, there is a better way to go about developing an essay writing website.

Website Scripts are Better Way to Save Time & Money

There are many essay writing website scripts which you can use to get your academic writing website ready within days. Since many of them are available, the big question is, ‘which is the best essay writing website script to invest?’ We have just the right answer for that- It’s Paperweight.

PaperWeight developed by FATbit Technologies is the most advanced, feature-rich, and cost-effective academic writing website. PaperWeight is developed after a thorough analysis of top essay writing websites, like EssayShark as well as PaperdueNow and comprises the best features of all. Another, notable thing about PaperWeight is that it is customizable, as well as ready to launch. In addition to these, you will also receive a one-year technical support at no extra cost.

By and large, the essay writing website cost with PaperWeight will be way less than what it would be in building it from the scratch. Plus, the amount of time, brainstorming and efforts it will save you will definitely be a huge relief.

Paperweight has everything that you need to build an Online Freelancing Portal

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