Paperweight offers you feature rich Essay writing website

There are several essay writing website available in market but not all of them can guarantee you success attained by leading platforms like Essayshark, Paperduenow and others. Paperweight is a system that offers you feature rich academic writing website to compete with top and established brands in this industry.


It is a cost-effective solution to build academic writing website for freelancers. The websites built with Paperweight are responsive, secure and come with 1 year free technical support.

You can build your writing marketplace for as less as US $2499 (default design) or get fully a customized freelance writers’ website at US $7500.

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What makes PaperWeight the best solution for launching freelance writer’s marketplace

PaperWeight is a cutting-edge website script for launching marketplaces for freelance writers. It is a robust script for building marketplace that connects clients with freelance writers.


PaperWeight has been designed and developed after extensive analysis of several writing platforms. This has resulted in a formidable product that has all the advanced features along with secure and efficient functionality.

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Entrepreneurs, look no further, 2016 is the year for freelance writer’s marketplace

A big question often looms over the minds of entrepreneurs regarding what should be their business model. In the recent times, a marketplace for freelance writers has turned out to be one of the most growth oriented business model. It has ample market and huge demand from both consumers as well as writers.

For entrepreneurs who want to venture out into this market, paperweight comes out as an all-round solution. It provides entrepreneurs a simple way to build an online marketplace for freelance writers.

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Setup a Marketplace for Freelance Writers with PaperWeight at Just $499

Marketplace for freelance writers is a potential business idea. Its global nature, future scope, & ease of business management put it among the hottest startup ideas. PaperWeight, a clone script offered by FATbit Technologies, provides an affordable & effortless way to launch such an academic & professional writing website.

Check out this infographic to learn more about this emerging business idea and advantages you can have with it.

PaperWeight Infographic

Start Marketplace for Freelance Writers with PaperWeight at Just $499

Technical Traits to Ensure When Looking for Essay Writing Website Script

Freelance essay & academic writing job platforms like EssayShark & PaperDueNow have triggered curiosity of many who are looking for a potential startup idea. Consequently, there is no lack of essay writing portal website scripts on the market that provide a turnkey solution to build freelance writers’ marketplaces. But the fact of the matter is that most of these website scripts don’t have the features & functionality that a new player would require overcoming the marketplace competition.

We took a closer look at the matter and outlined the technical features that a website solution should have to ensure the success of an online academic writing job platform built using it.

Development Standards

Security is big concern for any ecommerce platform. Using open-source code snippets for plugins and other features may inherently create some vulnerability in the system. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the script you use is developed using an in-house encrypted code library, as it takes the security aspect of the website to a higher level. Following this approach also simplifies post-deployment bug resolving.


It doesn’t matter how eye-pleasing the graphics are, if a user feels stuck once he lands on your website, it means your business is screwed up. Besides engaging graphic design, the website script you use must also comprise intuitive information architecture for smooth navigation; meaning, a great user experience. Also, make sure that all these UX qualities are also delivered on mobile devices through a pitch perfect responsive design implementation.

paperweight - intuitive design


Speaking of mobile readiness, it is also important that your website performs well in different computing environments. Your target audience would be accessing your online academy writing platform on different devices, platforms, browsers, and at a different bandwidth. In addition to ensuring all these compatibility issues, you also need to make sure that your script is ready to handle a sufficient number of concurrent users.

Website Update

Ecommerce sites need to get updated on regular basis. If the script you choose to build your essay writing job listing website is not developed in a framework that allows easy website updates, be prepared to have a hard time ahead. Instead, make sure that the script is built in a reliable Content Management System and do website updates at your will – anytime, anywhere, and without the assistance of the technical team.

paperweight 1

Ensuring these technical characteristics in the freelance writers’ website script means ensuring the success of your academic writing job portal. You can further simplify your search by checking out PaperWeight developed by FATbit Technologies that scores high on all these factors. Also, PaperWeight is already the top selling essay writing platform script in the market today, which is another reason why you should choose it.

Ensure success of your Online Essay Writing Job Portal with PaperWeight

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PaperWeight: Perfect Turnkey Solutions for Building Advanced Academic Writing Platforms

The easy to understand & easy to implement business model of academic writing platforms have gained much popularity among aspiring entrepreneurs these days.


But the hard thing is to find a turnkey solution that offers everything that existing essay writing websites have and more. This is where PaperWeight comes in. This advanced website builder offers many new features to ensure the success of websites built using it.

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The benefits of starting your own online marketplace for freelance writers

Services marketplaces have exploded in the last couple of years giving entrepreneurs an idea of the growth potential of these type of business model.

But the biggest hurdle in front of them is which business model to incorporate and how to go about it. While clone scripts are the best possible way forward, when it comes to the business model, an online marketplace for freelance writers surely takes the cake. The peer-to-peer approach used by the business model makes it highly productive.

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